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2013-11-28 Friends and Family Beta Round-Up

With the successful kick off of our Friends & Family Beta for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, we've invited a limited number of friends, family, active players, and influential community members to help us test the upcoming expansion. Unlike any other Friends & Family Beta test we've performed in the past, participants are not required to abide by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), resulting in an onslaught of juicy information about upcoming features and gameplay.

While you may not have had the opportunity to join us in game, have no fear - you can stay informed and up to date on Reaper of Souls by tuning in right here for media coverage, blogs, videos, and livestreams of all the beta-licious action. This blog will be kept up to date regularly as more players enter the fray and share their experiences with the world!

Are you participating in the beta and want to share your awesome insight with the rest of the community? Did you see some amazing coverage we haven't listed below? Send in your blogs, streams, and videos to us or let us know what you've been watching/reading in the comments below!

2013-11-15 That’s A Wrap

2013-11-12 Diablo III Elites New Affixes in Reaper of Souls

2013-11-07 Reaper of Souls? First Look: Westmarch Soundtrack

2013-11-01 Diablo III Monk More Effective Operative Skills Share

2013-10-25 Blizzard Relaxes Diablo III New Players restrictions during the Game Time

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